1. a fiend of a friend is trying to get his movie funded via kickstarter, and he needs a new logo. I came up with this rough concept for him, but I can’t help wondering if anyone has done this gun+skateboard graphic before somewhere?

  2. We were so stoked on our previous Elm collab that we teamed up again to bring a five-panel Thrasher cap to the masses. Pretty stoked on how this one came out.

    Want some? Get some.

    [ Photography provided by Elm ]

  3. This is the first animated GIF I’ve made in over a decade.

    God bless/damn you Tumblr for helping to resurrect this lost art…


    Shun Hashimoto scorpion roll. Sequence: Wadapp

  4. My wife Monique is an amazing art director, and it’s always a pleasure when we get to work together.

    In fact, her mag—Electronic Gaming Monthly—beat out Juxtapoz for a Folio award a few years back. (and I’ve obviously never forgiven her about it;)

    This photoshoot by Claudia Goetzelmann Monique art directed was also part of that Folio award-winning article.

    I got stuck helped out with the Photoshop work on this project, but it’s all good—it’s still as close as I’ve ever come to a Folio award!

  5. Thrasher magazine’s first digital media kit is finally live.

    I don’t usually get too excited about sales materials, but I’m actually pretty proud of how this project turned out.

    (I’ve worked on dozens of media kits over the years, but this is the first one I also researched, wrote, and built from the ground up—so even though it was a lot more work, this was by far the easiest one;)

  6. 'Creative Director' can be such a bullshit title—did you know Lindsay Lohan is the Creative Director for a famous fashion design house?

    In my reality, creative direction is often be more about spreadsheets, analytics, and whiteboards before you ever start on the visual design. And though the question of how best to display items in a webstore can get unbelievably complex, I think few users outside of Tumblr would suffer Homer Simpson’s web page.

  7. DSPORT 72 hour redesign, Before (left) and After (right)

    A redesign should be a well-planned and researched process, but life doesn’t always work that way.

    One of my favorite redesigns was a frenzied pressure cooker of a refresh done while helping out a friend after his creative director quit and trashed the whole issue just three days before deadline.

    Publisher Mike Ferrara had these kind words to say about the adventure:

    "When something breaks, it has to be fixed. You can try to take a short cut and fix it the wrong way, or you can take the opportunity to build it better. It’s quite simple. If you keep burning out stock clutches, don’t simply replace it, upgrade it."

  8. I first met Kevin Epps at the Thrasher HQ back in 2002 when he showed up on our doorstep with a DV tape of his first film “Straight Outta Hunters Point” asking for some help turning it into a DVD.

    I’ve been fortunate enough since then to be able to work with him on a bunch of his film and DVD projects including Rap Dreams and SOHP2. Black Alcatraz was released back in 2010, but thanks to that new TV show his disc is now selling like hotcakes in the prison island giftshop.

    My favorite part about this blurry photo is the fact that it was taken in August of ‘08—months before the election. Epps has always been a step ahead.

  9. Here’s another one of those early Gonz Krooked sketches.

    I’ve been spending lots of time sitting in waiting rooms this week so I’m finally getting to my folder of random bits to post. Sorry if I’m messing up your feed.

    You should un-follow me now, because I’m stuck here all weekend.

  10. Pushead, Blackhart, Igor and more! Thrasher should totally make these buttons again.

    The red stuff is called rubylith, and it is = black in these old button designs. I can’t say for certain, but I would guess this art board is from the late 1980s.

    We should be able to still use this exact separation nearly 25 years later. I wonder if we’ll be able to say the same thing for our digital files 25 years from today?